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(Please note that some pictures can be as large as 200K. I've left them this size so you can see detail.)

Dougs ride
Doug's ride - This is a shot of the countryside while I was on my way to Watkins Glen racetrack in NY. There was some nice twisties up there. Installed is a set of PIAAS with autoswitch, Verholen barbacks, BMW screen (not shown), tan seat (see "Other" section, remus article for pics) and a little Chase Harper tankbag.
Ricks ride #2

Rick's ride is a 2002 R1150R
with a mid height parabellum shield.
Hes has clocked 2000 miles on it.

Rick's ride #1
Rick's machined part #1

Rick is also quite the machinist. He has crafted this nice little cover for the little black box on the injector housing. In his words, it was an "eye sore." I agree!
Rick's machined part #2

Rick says: "The [picture to the left] is stuck on with double backed industrial tape. The one [above] has set screws on the rear. I used the same dimensions as the head fins." I asked Rick if he was selling these parts, and he said he might if there is singificant interest.

"Here are a couple of pix that I took on a trip to Table Rock lake in
southern Missouri in mid August. Please feel free to use them and my name.
Thanks for all your good work on the site." -Rick


You've seen a lot of Robby's (CYCLEROB) memos in the Tech section. Here is his bike. A quote from his photo album webpage: "On seeing it's functional modern styling, Ann said "Buy it, I like it."

CycleRob's AMAZING Engine Teardown Pics: Click here

New Paint - Sunburst Gold!!

Cyclerob, noted mechanical guru - "After cutting, bending and fitting a red Buell Blast FlyScreen to my red Beemer, I saw this color on a Ford Mustang in my neighborhood and thought it was awesome. I took a digital picture of it & gave the floppy to friend/owner Eric at the body shop. He popped it in his running office computer, looked up the car year (2000) & color (Sunburst Gold). Eleven days after that and several hundred dollars later, I'm riding a beautiful new BMW color. Everybody thinks I bought a new bike. It's gotta be the FlyScreen. Not to mention that great oil temp gauge!"
- CycleRob

Bobby C. sent in this picture of his bike. Notice the slick rear hubcap - I'll be picking up one of those.

Dave sent in a picture of his new R1150R

This second picture of Dave's bike has along side his
1956 R50 that won the award for best BMW at the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group national rally this year (2001).

This is Mark's bike. I like the look of the baggage mount. Looks like it would give passengers a nice place to hold on.

This is Kiran's bike. Looks pretty much stock
except for the BMW windshield.

Kiran's bike agian.

Les recently encountered this inviting sign while out cruising near Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Manish sent in these two pictures of his bike.

Manish writes: The [saddlebags] are the BMW and the top case is Givi. The screen is also Givi A602. The other addons are: barbacks from A&S BMW, Verholen driver footpeg lowering kit, BMW handguards from the R1150GS and fat-foot for side stand.

Tom writes: I bought the bike in April -- the first one the dealer got in stock, and now have 7,300 miles on it. I'm a daily commuter, and do quite a few trips, including one to Canada and back in July ['01]. The bike is great! I've also done two track days with CLASS and it ran like a top! ..I have the system cases and ABS. I've added a pig-tail on the battery for my Widder vest. The screen is a National Cycle Deflector Screen. I also have a fly screen from a Buell Blast for which I'm trying to fabricate some mounting hardware. I'd eventually likfde to upgrade the stock seat, as my rear is usually killing me after 350-400 miles. Also, it has Dunlop 205 tires right now. I replaced the stock Bridgestone BT56s prior to the track day. BTW, here is Tom's site

Mark C. writes "My R1150R is black, and has ABS, BMW bags and luggage rack, a BMW accessory plug, and most notably the Givi model A750 fairing. The fairing only comes in silver or black, but I did not have to paint it to match the black bike. Tires on mine are the Dunlop Spotmax D207s, which are wearing out way too soon

Allison sent in a picture of her baby: "It is a '99 R1100R w/ a Wudo fairing. The seat is actually the stock seat cut down and recovered. Since I am 5'2", I have also replaced the shocks with shorter Works Performance shocks. They have been great - no problems with lowering the bike at all. In fact, I think it handles better. Actually, there is one problem. I now need help using the center stand, which is a bummer. It is a small price to pay for having the bike of my dreams! By the way, this photo was taken while I was at the Reg Pridmore's C.L.A.S.S. at the Pocono raceway. I highly recommend the class. While I couldn't quite do what the sportbikes were doing, I was very happy with my bikes performance on the track. In fact, every time I ride, I love it all over again - surging and all!"

RoyStarman's red rider

Tom writes: "I have put hard bags on my bike to extend my range and a small wind screen {Memphis Shade screen - see the OTHER page for link to more pics}to make high speed traveling more comfortable. It is a great all around bike and I plan on keeping it a long time."

Photo of PDog my JR sitting on her new bike....
(Moxi's ride)

In the photo you can see what the unobtrusive reflective stickers look like on the bags. The reflective stickers work very well in helping get a bit more visibility when riding on these dark winter nights.

Ton's ride - Here are some pictures from behind the dikes.

First pic shows bike in daily commuting outfit. The windscreen (in pic 2) is a cheap noname fixed to the original BMW flyscreen brackets. Can be replaced in a minute.

A nice Thanksgiving break picture. "My 2002 R1150R is Blue, with system bags, cylinder head guards, BMW tail lights, speedster screen, taller seat and PIAA Lights on the front signal stalks using Martin Engineering brackets. I'm wearing a Vanson C3S7 Cobra Jacket, Red and Black with reflective piping. My Arai helmet has a reflective Halo on it, and I'm wearing a reflective safety harness, both from Motomarket. I'm a newbie, what can I say!" -mtnrider16

Our first R1100 submission is by Roger:

"Second owner - only has 4K miles on it - my daily ride to work. Givi top case, BMW side cases (not shown), BWM windshield, heated grips (gotta luv em), bar backs and priority lights."

Check out the retro carbon-fiber flames on the gas tank!

Not only is black and tan one of my favorite drinks, it makes a great R1150R color combo too! Thanks, Scott

Here are some pictures of Chet's ride to Oregon for the rally this past summer ('01). Hes added: System bag set, Cylinder head guards, BMW tank bag, PIAA lights, BMW speedster screen and a few aluminum parts.

A nice B&W shot of Dan's new R1150R - only 2 miles on the odometer (Now he has over 5K). [email protected]

This is definitely the funniest one I've seen yet. Darth...err Dave writes: "Here is a pic of me and my new favorite bike..."Darth". When I first got it, a wag in our local classic bike club said it looked like a Darth Vader bike, trying to needle me. Well, I showed him...I liked the name and now it is Darth! I got the helmet on eBay but don't ever try to ride with one of these things!"

Walter from Holland sent in a pic of his beautiul r1100r. I love that red/grey combo, its very sharp! These are the upgrades: Hansle cockpit-fairing from Wunderlich, Laser exhaust with another chip for the motronic, short Paralever from Bakker, handlebars (with adapter) from LSL, K&N filter and not on the picture Lucas footrests (higher).

Tony clocked 4500 kms in the first month - now thats true love. His bike is stock except for the except for the Vandelinde Pipe. The Vandelinde has been developed in South Africa in conjunction with BMW. According to his dealer there in Melbourne, Australia, the warranty is not effected.

I do believe this is our first RT contributor. Welcome to the gang, Don.

"I'm Beny from Sicily, Here there are some pics of my wonderful "cow". As you can see, my bike is all original (for the moment).
I've equipped my bike only with a K&N Air Filter...great sound!" Here is Beny's R1150R website.

Bobbi writes: "I bought my 1995 1100RA last summer and I really do like it. I rode it to the lake of the pines rally in October '01. (Texas). I was the only lady rider with our group. I had a really good ride."

Robert writes: "I had the dealer install an RS pipe when I bought it. The bike came with the tach and clock option as well as heated grips, wire spoke wheels and ABS. In the summer I ride it without the Givi windscreen. Once it gets cold here in North Carolina, I put the shield on as well as a set of GS hand guards. The bike has a set of Works Performance shocks, a Corbin saddle, Givi top case and saddlebags (really wide), and a set of Throttlemeister bar ends. I almost always use a 23 liter RKA bag with the Givi top case.

Ps: I am the webmaster for our local BMW club, the Tarheel Travelers." Robert's personal website is here.

Only a true enthusiast would have this plate. Looks great, Ed

Marco writes: "I'm Italian from Naples, this is my r1150r with bmw's 1200c independent mirrors and white turn's glasses. I've also installed a Remus alluminium Genesis Racing Pipe."

Pat is sporting a '02 1150 w/ABS - "Corbin seat, Givi, 1 1/2 inch bar-backs, full size bags & lowered exhaust. Lowering hardware for exhaust by Who-do, Wuzo, Weezie, Whatzit's name."

Roberto from Bari - Italy sent in some pics of his modified bike. Like those RS mirrors!

Kevin writes: "This is my first BMW and it is by far the best bike I have ever had. I plan on doing plenty of touring this summer.

After doing a Ironbutt Saddlesore, 1,000 miles in 24 hours, on a Suzuki DR 650 it should be a snap to do 500 mile days on the R."

Bernd writes: "My R 1150 R is equipped with the BMW Heated grips, ABS, the overdrive Gearbox, low seat and black rimss. Additionally, I added a small windscreen and a shorter Paralever part, to higher the back for more ground clearance for more fun on windy roads. I also found a magnetic Tankbag for 40 € wich fits perfect to the Tank shape. Finally I added Bar end Mirrors."

Ronald from El Salvador sent this one in.

"A friend, Mark Sampson took this picture while we were crossing the Mississippi River. I put 450 break-in miles on my new R1150r on that day in January, with the temperature reaching a high of 65 degrees. It was one of those rare days that don't come around very often. After riding a 1982 R100 for 15 years the best word I can use for the way this bike handles is effortless." - Jay Grafton

Wel, we received a
"wannabe r1150r rider" submission?

Come on Nanda, take the plunge!
Here he is!

Now here is a reason to join the force! Wow.
Peter sent these in.

Here are some of his own bike:

Here's some pictures of my bike taken a few days after I got it. Notice the
dismounted passenger-seat, this way it looks better to me. Also, the
indicator caps are clear and the mirrors are chromium oval (both taken from
R1200C). Unfortunately, the big registration-plate is a disruptive element to
the elegant appearance. -Peter

Thanks for all of your submissions!
You can E-MAIL IN A PICTURE TOO! Click here!

(Be sure to let me know if you would not like your email address to accompany your picture.)

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