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Kevin writes: "As a new rider I have found the 1150RA to be a dream... It doesn't usually sit in the garage like this but I have to wrestle it away from my 2 year old daughter when I want to ride...."

Patrick writes: "I thought you might enjoy the attached pix. The base bike was a 2002 1150R. Besides the paint job, I have aded a Staintune, peg lowering kit, carbon fiber air intake, Ohlins and sundry chrome bits, (mostly lifted from the C model). I have also removed the center stand, rear pegs and a few other odds and end to lighten the bike as much as possible."

My name is Arno and i live in Switzerland, maybe you wanne post my hot loved 1996 BMW R1100R. This pictures was taken on a trib to my girl friend in Germany.

Please find attached some pics of my new R1150R. My Name is David and i am from Spain, a place called Tarragona, by the Mediterranean shore. The bike was bought 3 months ago and I have done a few modifications, like adding a Kappa K200 small windshiels, as well as the System bags, and the rear 'spoiler'. I have to say that to find a perfect adjustment to this winshield, I had to slightly modify the plastic add-ons of both side of the light. It's easy to do it with a small driller like these used for modeling. I think it's worth it, as that windshield, translated from Euros, costs about 40$. Compare with the price of the original one.

"Greetings from Hamburg, Germany! My name is Ernst. I ride my Roadster since June of 2001. Now I drove nearly 3000 miles. The Picture shows my bike with black/chrome engine, no-name windshield on the stock mounts and ABS."

Jerry writes: "Just added new bar end mirrors and clear turn lenses to my r1150r abs." Pretty stylin'!

Jim writes: "Here's a picture of my 2000 R1100R. It is modified with a Gimble fairing from Germany, BMW heated grips, Piaa aux lights, BMW side cases, and (not shown) a BMW 33 litre topcase that fits on a special adapter rack. Good Riding to All!"

Keith #32 writes: "Got the bike January 26th. Today it has 1036 miles. Not bad for February in Delaware. The shield is a Givi A602."

"Bought my 1150r in Nov 2001, only 3500k's so far, but do love that chrome! I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, central to the best motorcyling roads on the planet (I'm not biased!)" -Murray

Jackalope82 submitted these two. Nice plate!

Peter writes: "Here is a picture of my BMW Roadster taken on my trip from Ontario, Canada to Memphis, Deal's Gap, and back along the Blue Ridge Parkway. The BRP is a stunning ride with non-stop curves and breathtaking scenery for two days straight. It's the first time ever my front break fingers were tired from constant breaking into curves on a long distance touring trip! "

First pic: "I picked up a set of Bike Master sport luggage which clears the pipe nicely. They are expandable to almost twice the size shown in the pic, have one main compartment, 2 smaller compartments, and come with rain covers. Cost was $134 and I have been quite happy with them."

Second pic: "I have added the small screen which goes well with the blue of the bike, the luggage rack and rails, engine guards, and a throttlemeister cruise control. Other than that, she is pretty much stock and an absolute joy to ride. The picture was taken in front of Adventure BMW in Chesapeake, Virginia. GREAT shop of guys there!!"
Anyway, this is my first BMW after years of owning Hondas and Suzukis. Needless to say, I am a Beemer fan for life as I love this bike more every time I ride it! -Mike

This one is taken from bethanga gap overlooking lake hume, on the victorian, new south wales border here in Oz. -Phil

"I just added the smoke sport screen and, and was out testing it. I stopped for a picture on the Bush Highway near Saguaro Lake, just outside of Mesa, Arizona. And yes, we do have lakes in Arizona!" -Ross

"The only things I have done are: remove the decals from the tank, slap on the fly screen, and put on a "Tankslapper" tank protector (you can't see it, but it's on in the pic). Some people were asking for a full bike shot without the decals, and I'm happy to oblige... Thanks!" -Yakks

Tim writes: "These are pics on the day I bought the bike from BMW of Manhatten"

Here is our first 850R user ride! Pete writes: "It's a 2001 R850 R (8000 Km.) spec. edit with: heated grips, bmw system cases, cylinder protectors (great stuff I've already used them once in winter on a ice spot), and for winter-time I ride with GS hand protectors"

Nate writes: "It's a 2002 R1150R, the only modifications being the speedster windshield, hyperlites and cylinder guards. 2800 miles so far, and loving every minute!"

"Here is my new Silver 2002 R1150RT the day I took it home in Columbus, OH. Still waiting on the crash bars & rear backrest. This one had the mid-year mods (Says MAGNESIUM on the valve covers, instead of "E" for 6th gear it SAYS 6, and other minor changes)!" Wats

"Watch out Patrick! " - Louis S.

Brad's bike with the Remus Cat and stock can installed

Here is Jeroen's bike with the Sebring pipe and alu shift-enlarger which he also uses on the brake-pedal.

"Currently the bike has about 9200km on the clock and since the upgrade it runs so much better, even the surging is almost gone. Less vibration a low rpm's and pulls stronger wich is best noticed when running 6th gear (overdrive)."

Thanks for all of your submissions!
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This is our first 2002 yellowjacket posting! Jerry writes:

"The only additions are the tinted windshield and the bags (not shown) and rack. She's also pictured with my faithful '81 R100. They have that 'streetfighter' look. I love 'em both, but unfortunately the R100 must go. Anyone interested?"

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