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"Here's me & my Bavarian beauty R1150R!!! What a bike!!!!

See ya!!! Best regards from Kasti"

"Currently the bike has these mods:
1) Cannister-ectomy = exhaust & charcoal cannisters removed for athestetic reasons.
2) K1200RS mirrors = better field of vision & cool looks
3) BMW Sport Screen (just mounted last week)
4) Pulled CCP = no stumble between 3&4K RPM
Planned mods:
1) Trim the rear fender for better visibility
2) Hyper-lights
3) HID Headlight set-up from HIDS4LESS.COM" - Jon

"I am sending here a picture of my bike taken at Westford, MA, in front of the Millstone Hill Observatory (an old Radio telescope operated by MIT to study the ionosphere)." -Nimesh

Thanks for the Submission Gary. Check out his site here for info.

My former 02 R, she was affectionately called "in a state of flux" as I was always pursuing new "directions. She was good to me with nay any problems and allowed me to attend and visit with many members of this board. I'm sad she is gone but not forgotten. I have enclosed 3 pics of her in one of her iterations." -Boxemania

Thanks for all of your submissions!
You can E-MAIL IN A PICTURE TOO! Click here!
(Let me know if you would not like your
email address to accompany your picture.)

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