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Jack writes: "Notice in particular I changed the front fender to K12RS front fender, added the dark BMW Sport Shield, luggage rack and bagmounts." Wow, we noticed! Very slick 'rhinoplasty'.

Rob van Harten must really like his R, because he sent us twelve photos! Here are two that give you a good idea. I think we can all appreciate the high tech look of this black R with carbon valve covers and new Laser exhaust with cat eliminator. Great look Rob!

Clean, Clean, and Clean!
Writes Mick, "This is my R1150R. I have added the city bags, clear signal lenses, and a GIVI screen." One of the cleanest bikes we have seen. Must have added a lot of elbow grease too.


Erick Hadley tells us, "Nice web site. Ok I am not a member but I thought you would like some pictures of my R1150R. Why? Well it lives in Switzerland and just loves those 8,000 foot mountain passes even with two up. My son can be seen looking back on the bike in first picture. The others are of the naked bike." Very spiffy. Is that the tan comfort seat for the passenger?

Summertime and the living is easy!

"Greetings from Albuquerque, NM. We purchased it one month ago (July 2002) and currently have 2,250 miles on it. It has surpassed all of our expectations, being our first BMW. Mods include Sport screen (which I'll trade anyone for a Speed' screen), luggage, engine guards, and cannister removal." Chris, very nice ride!

Two Views of the R in front of the Golden Gate Bridge
Gene says: "Got quite a few mods! Two shields, PIAAs, bags & mounts & rack, fender extender, clear lenses now with amber front and red back bulbs, Signal Minder, Valentine One radar detector w/Saeng T/A mirror mount, radar heads up display by LegalSpeeding, quick mount Burton highway pegs, Corbin seat w/backrest, more."

Needs Sunglasses?

Steve writes: "I'm sending you a jpeg of my bike that I took this morning on the way to work. I'm an editor at abcTV. The bike is stock except for a Rick Mayer seat. The new saddle really helps my 6'2" frame on my 30 mile commute."

23,000 Miles!!!

Bill kinda likes his R. "I have just turned over 23,000 miles (6/02) on the bike! Never had even one problem (to include surging!). I do all my own maintenance on the bike valves are easy once you do it the first time. Hardest thing is getting the fuel tank off to check the battery. I am replacing the BMW battery with a sealed battery to preclude having to worry about water level. The windshield is a Parrabellum (Mid height 21 inches). It works well to keep the wind off ones upper body. I see right over the top. The mounting system keeps it very secure never moves! I also have a RAM GPS mount attached to the left handlebar. I use a GPS III+ and this is a perfect fit for the unit. The bike is a great touring bike for me. I camp out a lot and find it just right for this use. I use a “Helen2wheels” system for carrying camping gear. It all fits on the rear seat and luggage rack. The bike is going to be one of BMWs best models! It does it all and at a reasonable price!"

"The weather was very fine, so I drove to the seaside. Yes, black is the color for the R when there is blue sky. Pics are taken at Dutch waterworks." -Peter

I love New York!
Lyndon writes-"Thanks for maintaining such a great site. Very informative and quite helpful. Attached please find some pictures I took while on break at the United Nations in New York City. Spent the entire Memorial Day riding around the city." Slick graphics and you're welcome!

Spring in Tulsa
Lee, very nice shot of your bike and ooh!...those flowers, too.

Love the Look!
"Just wanted to send some pics of my new bike and let you know that you've done a great job on your site. Bought my 1150R a couple weeks ago (6/02) and have only 200km on it but plan to rack them up this summer. Its stock with system cases and I just recently put a sport screen on. I still can't believe how great this bike feels to ride." -Kevin

'96 R850R, Heavily accessorised

"Ham Radio on the rear seat, Parabellum on the front, Givi on the rear. Kermit for sitting around." Dick is a master of understatement. I think I saw a kitchen sink somewhere.

So the bike stays dry and the cages get wet? We like it!!
"Thanks for a great site dedicated to my favorite toys. Here's my new yellow mambo all dressed up with a tall windshield, tank bag, hard bags w/Sargent bag protectors, and not Life-Brite LED brake lights. Just waiting on my new Corbin seat, an additonal 650 miles for break-in, warm dry weather, and I am heading off into the summer sunset soon. In the meantime, I thoroughly enjoy each solo ride and those with my lovely wife on back." -Tim AKA Hoodoodrum

1998 R1100R
39k miles and runs like a champ
New Corbin Seats and passenger backrest (THE BEST!!) New Lite Brite LED strobe brake lights (A MUST!!)" Gee, can it get any cleaner?? Thanks Tim.

Classic Black

Yo Ed! Great bike with that black Sport Shield. But what other toy do you have on that trailer??

Got bit by the bug!
Nice Yellow Jacket, Debbie. Uh...we mean the bike..but your clothes are nice too! "Like the site! I was told by a member of BMWNA that there are only 200 of these bikes in the USA. I really enjoy it. I plan on getting the city lids on my saddlebags painted Dakar Yellow to match the bike. The screen is the new BMW product."

Action Shots! Get it ON!!

Jonathan modestly writes: "I thought you might be interested in this picture of me on my 1150R on the race track at Cadwell Park here in good old England. The bike was vastly more capable than me!!" Dunno about that-Looking good!

Remus on his 2000 R1100R

"Bought the bike a few weeks ago and enjoying it greatly." says Gerhard.

Very slick! Remus makes a very nice looking can.

We have our first Rockster user ride submission! Wow, sweet rims.

"Totally standard as it came from the dealer, with non ABS, heated grips, exhaust cat and centre stand. I live in Norfolk in the UK, been riding for more than 23 years and this is my first BMW. I am very pleased with it so far. Only complaint I have is the incredible weight of the bike. Also own a 1983 Morini 500 which I have had
for 17 years and is about half the weight of the Rockster. Cheers Steve"

"A picture of my one week old R1150R. What a pleasure to ride!!! So effortless. Well suited to New Zealand roads. The engine guard actually belongs to a friend of mine. He made it himself for his R1100S from thin aluminium bent to specification by a professional sheet metal company. It was then powdercoated and mounted with stainless steel bolts on rubber stoppers to existing mounting holes underneath the engine. Cheers, Pierre"

"Picture #1 is of me on the Sears Point track for CLASS with very little
mileage trying to bond with the new ride, my 2002 R1150R. This was
after maybe 2000 miles, eek.

Then, me with riding friends on Route 1 just after BBQ oysters on the
second adventure out with the bike. My husband Dave is behind me in the
Barney suit. My bike was broken in on the Pacific Coast, then I rode it
work, then Vegas for the Art of the Motorcycle exhibit

Another picture of our annual Morrow Bay camping trip with a few of our
friends Steve & Jim. Steve flies out from the East Coast for this
event. Usually just the four of us on Friday, with the lovely Diana
(not pictured here) joining us on the next day from Southern California.

Thanks Doug, MrsKbasa"

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