Hey, this is important - two things, please read carefully

1. Make sure you enter your R1150R forum USERNAME in the box that says "What's this payment for?" so I know who to apply the donation to.*   

2. Also, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SELECT "Send to someone you trust" or the donation will be treated like a purchase and taxed in half!

To donate, click here:

*A username is not absolutely required, but you will not have access to the
member's private sections until I have your username applied! If you do not
have a discussion forum username yet and want one, please go here to get one.x
If you decide not to use a username, and just want to support the cause, thats
fine too.

Thank you!!

*Privacy Policy - I only record your name, username, email address, member # and donation date for my records. I will never ever share or sell this or any other personally identifyable information with anyone. - Doug

*Sorry, banned members are not entitled to refunds. Be nice!