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I think of this site as one for the community, and supported by the community. Please support the site to keep it going! I have made every effort to keep the site slim and low-cost, but we still always find it diffiicult to pay for site fees and maintenance. Every little bit helps a great deal, and the below are suggestions on appropriate donations. So if you enjoy the site, learn and generate value from it, why not chip in a few bucks to keep this great resource alive?

If you would like to leave me a message concerning the site or other matter, you may use the form at the bottom of the page.


The Short Version:

A little thank you = $10
Yearly Member = $25
Lifetime Member = $60
Double Lifetime Member = $120 (and so on)

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The Long Version:
To register and talk in the forums, you do not have to donate. However, if you are interested in becoming a member, and supporting the site, you can donate. Sites as busy as ours are expensive to run, primarily due to the bandwidth usage, and donations have kept us going and growing over the years. The standard donation is twenty five dollars for a one-year membership. Donating sixty dollars will grant you lifetime membership so you dont have to worry about renewing! Members, DLM and TLM.. all have special color indicated names in the forums to show off your donation prowess!

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What Do Members Get?
Members will be given member numbers, and have special access to the Member's Section, Buy/Sell & Trade and Pat's section to voice their opinion on the site and suggest changes/additions as they see necessary. I closely monitor the member's section, so if you want me to read something, its best done in there. Occasionally, I will post a vote on certain site additions/changes or topics that arise. Most of the great things on this site are a result of member input!

Why Donate?
The donations are applied to the site to maintain it and pay for various fees. The fees involved in keeping a site like this alive are: Base ISP costs and bandwidth usage, url and email forwardings, member mailings, additional server space, and programming and design tools that need to be purchased to create and maintain the site. Some updates also require professional help as I'm just not that savvy. :)

It should be noted that I do not intend to get rich off of this site, in fact, the donations no longer cover the operating costs. I donate my free time and money in creating, updating and monitoring this site because I really enjoy the R1150R community that we have here, and want a place for other enthusiasts to share information and ask questions. This site has grown to be the premier technical resource for BMW R-bike enthusiasts on the net, thanks to the support of the members and people who shared their knowledge over the last couple decades. I think of this site as one for the community, supported by the community!

-Doug, Your friendly admin

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