PIAA Light install with Autoswitch

This is the end result! Supplemental Lights on the BMW R1150R. This uses the Autoswitch module that uses the Turn Signal Cancel button. I also decided to to do my best to hide the harness by cutting apart the PIAA supplied harness and throwing away the white tubing. Instead I used some black tubing I got from and Electronics Surplus Store. I simply ran the wires I cut from the harness through two pieces of it and now the wires are unobtrusive. 
On the left side to hide the big white connector that connects the light to the harness I had to splice on a few inches of wire to the PIAA lights them selves. The Result is as shown here. You can see the white connector hidden inside the fender. BTW pne of those black tubes on the right is the harness. Looks pretty good huh?  


Here is a close-up of the Autoswitch installation. Unlike others I had already committed to running wires from the relay and from the turn signal cancel button. To find the correct wire look on the top right of your bike after the tank is removed.   Look for the brown wire with a white stripe. This is the turn cancel signal. Activating it supplies a ground which the Autoswitch module detects. Since I mounted the Autoswitch in the back in the little tool tray, it was a simple affair to drill a small hole and use the taillight power and ground. AS you can see the Orange and Purple wires run forward to connect to the turn cancel signal and the relay, the black and red wires run aft to the taillight section. The red and black wires are longer than necessary because I replaced the original autoswitch unit. It didn't function properly.
This is a picture of the Splices into the tail light assembly. If you look closely you will see an extra splice. This is what happens when you forget to write down which wire is which.
Finally unrelated but I think a really neat dress is this cap that replaces the black plastic one.

Thanks Rob!