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[5/30/22] THE FORUMS ARE Back up! The complete and utter scammers at hostpapa.com decided to pull a bait and switch which caused me to change servers again. After I spent two weeks switching to and configuring their service, they tell me I need to pay 4x the cost of the plan I signed up for because our DB was too large, which is rediculous. Avoid them, and spread the word! So far, Hostinger has been working well for us and the forums actually seem a bit snappier. Thanks for your patience all!

A quick note about this site:
Anyone who browses the pages of this site will soon realize that we have something special here. The intention of this site is to combine people with similar interests (BMW R-bikes!) in one place - this is the best way to get a focused discussion going. So, all of you lurkers, feel free to join in the conversations. We can learn a lot from you too!

Since 2001, this site has grown to be the premier site for R-Bike enthusiasts on the net, thanks to the support of the members and people who share their knowledge.

Welcome, please enjoy the site, and don't be shy to post in the forums!

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