Battery Drain 2002 R1150RT

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Battery Drain 2002 R1150RT

Post by Kenboy »

The title says it all. I put in a new gel battery last years, yet seem to have this persistent slow drain. If the bike sets for a few days, the battery gets too weak to turn the bike over. Disconnected and pulled the stereo (didn't use anyway). Thoughts on what might be doing this? Am fairly new to Beemers. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Battery Drain 2002 R1150RT

Post by sykospain »

Maybe your battery is on its way out. Car batteries like the ones in our bikes are funny beggars. Likely to say goodbye overnight from previously spinning the starter in fine style. Or gently fading away over a period of weeks.

Or maybe you have an immobiliser or some kind of Alarm on the bike.
Pesky things that never do any crime-fighting good, IMHO.

The parts that sip juice on standby in these bikes are very few - like the dashboard clock which uses less juice than your wristwatch or mobile phone.

If you know how to use a multimeter - cheap as chips on The Bay - set it to Amps, lift the seat-end of the tank to access the bike's battery ( only thirteen screws, four tubing connections and an electrical feed plug/socket, thanks Fritz ).

Then undo the neg pole feed wire from the battery and interpose the two connectors from your Multimeter between that cable connector and the neg pole of the battery.

That will show you the current drain ( hopefully in milliAmps ) that's taking place whilst the bike is switched off and asleep.

If a secret unknown drain current appears on the meter's screen, then the fun starts as you try to establish which element of your bike's wiring or range of accessories is pulling the stuffing out of the battery. It's called chasing your tail.
Good luck.
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