R1200R Cruise Control

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R1200R Cruise Control

Post by docdarrell »

I've purchased a 2011 R1200R and would like to know if anyone has had occasion to mount a cruise control on the handlebars. I purchased one from Wunderlich but it was too large compared to the nipple on the end of the bar. I'm thinking of ordering one from Throttlemeister but I don't want to order one if it's not going to be the right one. I'm referring to the ones that replace the end bar counterweights and put pressure on the throttle grip to hold it open. Thanks to one and all, the new bike is great and I love it. I just wish I had more time to ride it.
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Re: R1200R Cruise Control

Post by Acpantera »

You might have got a better response if you had posted under R1200R instead of K1200R.
I do have the throttlemeister on my R12R and I love it. Spend a little extra and get the heavy version, It's a bit longer and makes it even easier to use.
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R1200R Cruise Control

Post by Henrysheem »

Cruise control not working. Will not turn on with the button In the steering wheel. Had the clock spring replaced and it did not correct. Anyone have this problem and what was the fix. Thanks.
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