The new green color.

The sexy K1200R!

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Re: The new green color.

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Congrats...You lucky bugger.. :D

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Re: The new green color.

Post by andradef »

Thanks! I order a set of rim stripes in green; since they are removable, I figured I'd give a shot.
This bike keeps growing on me. Low-speed handling is surprisingly good. And it feels lighter than the Rock, although the actual weights are similar.
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Re: The new green color.

Post by Sunfire »

andradef wrote:Quick update:

I picked up the bike today, and I am very impressed. It is interesting how different it feels from the Rockster, although they are similar bikes (naked).

I'm so jealous! ;) I still love the Yellow/Black KR, but this new Green is beautiful. Beginning of the year I did a test ride on a silver KR, and I loved it, but I'm still in the "love phase" with my Citrus Rockster! All that I'm missing on my Rockster is a better sounding exhaust.

Congratulations on the bike.

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Re: The new green color.

Post by Damo »

Paul, I highly recommend a carbon remus revolution exhaust for the Rockster - looks and sounds great- I used to regularly get compliments on the sound from other bikers while riding around.

Then again, it didn't sound sound anything like the amazing symphony created by the carbon akrapovic I currently have on my KR.

Money well spent!
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Re: The new green color.

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This sounded good. Removed the silencer when ripping out of town, kept it in for commuting...

Bought it from Victory BMW during Oktoberfest on sale...

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