Clutch spline destruction

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Re: Clutch spline destruction

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Congratulations! That, for me, is a complex job. It must feel rewarding to have accomplished the rebuild and being on the road again. Enjoy!
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Re: Clutch spline destruction

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fastfil2004 wrote:After much searching I found that the bmw input shaft is back ordered indefinitely from bmw. There is a guy in British Columbia who makes improvd replacement shafts - he thinks they are worth $1250 and is soliciting orders. Sorry but that is just not acceptable to me.

After much research and searching I found a machinist in the fatherland called "michino" on ebay who also produces an improved shaft with longer splines and improved hardness ratings.
His price was a less mind boggling $490 shipped so that is the way I decided to go.

It arrived today and looks very well made. Next step is to strip the transmission so wish me luck.


Hi, I might need an input shaft too... could you send me the seller's contact info by PM? thanks!
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Re: Clutch spline destruction

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If you go to previous page i quoted all the (german) details from the ebay listing. At present it does not look like there is a current listing for the shaft.

There should however be enough info there to track the guy down, possibly on the german ebay site and see when his next batch may be due.

Hope this is of use and if i can help further let me know

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