Budget for Riding Season

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Budget for Riding Season

Post by sweatmark »

News posted yesterday:
The five highest average gas prices in the U.S. are all in the western region of the country:

California: $4.016
Hawaii: $3.586
Washington: $3.424
Oregon: $3.323
Nevada: $3.323
Ouch. That hits me where I ride, specifically home (OR), a couple of long weekend trips into NorCal, rides to Seattle for friends & family, and 1-2x per season trips across Nevada. This year's increased fuel cost will impact my motorcycling budget for sure.

Canada's gas is expensive, as is Europe's.

So how do all of you budget for the riding season?
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Re: Budget for Riding Season

Post by Tigcraft »

I just ride and don’t give a f....!
To be honest, I’ve been either spoilt or damaged which ever way you look at it with one of my bikes I sold last summer that did a lot of things well and put my Rockster to shame which was a Chinese cf-moto 650TR. The mpg was nr 60mpg with fully loaded panniers at between 90-110mph for hours
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Re: Budget for Riding Season

Post by Hyja1 »

I’m in California so I’m used to the high cost of fuel. But my rides are weekend rides and not on a daily basis so I don’t use as much gas as those who ride daily. I don’t mind putting gas in my R cause I know how much joy the riding gives me!
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Re: Budget for Riding Season

Post by Buckster »

We are at about $2.67 for regular grade here in VA. Not sure on high test. I never have budgeted for gas. It is cheaper to ride the bike than drive my truck!
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Re: Budget for Riding Season

Post by sjbmw »

I think about how much budget is needed to travel by car. The bike is a bargain.
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Re: Budget for Riding Season

Post by Boxer »

Its not just gas that you have to budget for. You have motel or camping fees. Tires. Food and drink on the road. Tolls and possible tickets. Oil changes. It can run over a grand or more for a complete very active riding season. I think about it like it the expense of a vacation. A vacation just for ME. Lil Chubb (BMW F650GS twin) gets excellent mileage at around 60mpg routinely on trips so gas is a very minor expense compared to all the rest.
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Re: Budget for Riding Season

Post by kirby »

hey its only money...think of the grin factor..no?

Can't put a price on peace of mind....
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Re: Budget for Riding Season

Post by riceburner »

how much fuel do you get for those prices? is it per litre or per gallon?

fuel here (UK) is currently between £1.29/litre and £1.39/litre (depends where you go - the motorway service stations like to take the piss!)
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