R1100R clip ons/ tubular bar replacement

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R1100R clip ons/ tubular bar replacement

Postby Mickeybisco » Tue Oct 11, 2016 12:34 pm

Hiya all,

Long time lurker but I finally joined.95 R1100r here. I saw a thread on this topic from last year, but without any resolution.

I am looking for options to replace the one piece bolt on handlebars with something lower. I see the $300 kits which look great, but I was curious if anyone had tried clip ons or something else. Not against replacing the top clamp if anyone knows about which years / models are a clean swap.

Of course tank clearance would be an issue driving around in the parking lot, but probably a lot more fun in the twisties

3 piece clip ons:

https://www.woodcraft-cfm.com/cgi-bin/c ... &key=12-01

Conversion kit :


Riser plate - will have to bolt/ weld a mount to these, but still the least expensive option -


Thoughts? Thank you!

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Re: R1100R clip ons/ tubular bar replacement

Postby smutny » Tue Oct 25, 2016 7:08 pm

Your second link is for RT's, not R's. Don't think that'll work.

Do you Facebook? There is a group, BMW R1100R - The Shelter Dogs, and the creator of that group did a nice tubular conversion on his bike. It's be worth checking that out.
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Re: R1100R clip ons/ tubular bar replacement

Postby WhiteDog » Tue Oct 25, 2016 8:28 pm

A day after I brought my '96 R1100RT home, I went to my local BMW dealer to see what he might have I could use. I was mainly looking for pullback risers so that I could sit more upright. The parts guy overheard my talks with another employee (not as well-versed in parts) and said he had a NOS pair of 1" risers someone ordered years ago but never picked up. He produced a very dusty box with a $119.95 price tag on it. I walked out with them for $50. I was happy, he was happy.

A buddy of mine just replaced his totalled R1100RT with a '98 R1100RT with 16K on the odo. It was an insurance replacement and is identical to the one that was trashed. Has the checkerboard pattern on the sides. He loves BMW's. I was not so lucky. My '96 has 51K and I've already replaced the rusted out exhaust with one I picked up from ebay in great shape and cheap. Was not as difficult a job as I first thought it would be.
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R1100R clip ons/ tubular bar replacement

Postby MichaelCew » Sun Sep 02, 2018 10:49 pm

Hello , I need to convert the standard bars on my 1982 sport to something similar to the swan neck clip ons that I have seen in some pictures . Are these bars available today and who made them ? Would I need all new cables etc ? Peter


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